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Vacation Rental Trash Service - Airbnb Garbage Collection Service.  Trash Xpress offers a solution to Airbnb Hosts, Property Management and Home Owner Associations who need someone to take the trash bins out to the curb for garbage collection. Our Airbnb Vacation Rental trash take out service provides the Airbnb host, HOA, and vacation rental property managers peace of mind knowing all garbage bins will be taken out to the curb for collection. No more missed trash days or unhappy airbnb guests. 

  • A Professional Uniformed Employee wearing a bright yellow branded safety vest arrives at your Airbnb address the day before your city garbage collection day. The Trash Xpress employee will go to the specified location of the trash bins to pull each garbage bin out to the curb ready for collection. 

  • The day or evening of garbage collection, the uniformed employee pulls back each trash bin and places them back to the specified storage location on the service property after collection. 

  • Vacation Rental Trash Take Out Service is provided two days a week. Taking trash bins to the curb the evening before collection, and the following day taking trash bins back after collection.


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