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Resident Information


Welcome to Trash Xpress! Your Community's Doorstep Trash Collection Service.  As a valued resident, we are excited for you to use the Trash Valet and Recycling Services from the comfort of your home.  We love picking up your trash quickly, quietly and efficiently. You no longer have to worry about walking far distances, down flights of stairs, out in rain or extreme heat to take your heavy trash bags out.  We strive to offer our residents quality trash & recycling pickup Five Nights a Week.  Your Trash porter is Equipped with App-Based Technology that allows them to Confirm Trash Pickup of your Community, Building, and even your Unit, with Photos and more. And your services are backed up by an award-winning customer support staff. So if you have any questions about your Doorstep Trash or Recycling services please send an email to so we can address your questions.

Residents Guide to Trash Xpress Doorstep Trash Collection Service:



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Your Community is Now CLEANER - GREENER & EASIER

Now that Trash Xpress is serving your community, you no longer have to worry about taking out the trash. Our Simple and Convenient Trash Valet Service Provides You The Resident A Worry Free Lifestyle.

  • No More Late Night Trips to Take The Trash Out

  • No More Long Walks Down Stairs to Take The Trash Out

  • No More Pet Waste or Trash Smell Left in the Home Overnight

Trash Xpress Is Here to Serve Your Community!

Doorstep Trash

Step 1


Tie Off Trash Bag

Trash Bags MUST be Tied Off

  • Place Bagged Trash in Provided Containers

  • No Loose Trash

  • Double Bag Cat Litter & Pet Waste

  • No Bags over 25 lbs

  • No Broken Glass or Sharp Objects

  • No Over-Sized Items, such as Furniture, TV’s, Large Boxes, etc.

  • Flatten Cardboard 

Step 2


Place Container Outside

Container MUST be Outside by 8pm

  • Place Container OUT Between 6pm and 8pm

  • Place Container to Right or Left Side of Your Doorstep Against Wall

  • Collection Starts at 8pm

  • Containers placed out after 8pm, MAY MISS PICKUP

Step 3


Collection by Trash Xpress

Collection STARTS at 8pm

  • Trash Xpress porters start collection at 8pm

  • Trash Xpress collects residents trash bags from doorstep placing in leak-proof tote bags

  • Containers are ready to be taken back inside

  • RESIDENTS MUST bring waste container back inside by 9am the following day

  • No Containers or Trash to be left out during daylight/leasing hours. Residents may be FINED up to $25 by property management.