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Trash Collection Service

Corporate Office & Call Center Trash Service. If your in charge of a corporate office or call center, we all know how busy you and your employees are with the daily rush of activities. Keeping your customers and clients happy is the goal. Let Trash Xpress handle the daily task of emptying, collecting & replenishing your employees waste baskets. We keep your office smelling great and sanitary while preventing trash overloads, odors and rodent issues. 


Our corporate office trash collection service is unique and provided to many different industries, including call centers.

In a Call Center office environment, we understand that you have multiple desks and employees to manage. Multiple desks and employees means lots and lots of trash that is accumulated over a normal workday. Typically;  office staff, building maintenance, or cleaning services will empty the employee waste baskets taking up much needed time for them to do their intended jobs correctly and thoroughly.  Let your building maintenance or cleaning staff focus on vacuuming, mopping and keeping the restrooms clean. Let your office staff focus on the days work and satisfying customers.  Let Trash Xpress keep your office trash and odor free. 

With Trash Xpress,  professionals arrive to your office building ready to take the trash out.  We provide services during normal business hours or in the evening after normal business hours. 



How Corporate Office / Call Center Trash Service Works:

  1. Trash Xpress arrives at your office 

  2. Trash Xpress will go to each employee workstation and empty the trash waste basket from under the desk

  3. Trash Xpress wipes down, cleans and sanitizes each and every wastebasket before replenishing with a new bag

  4. Trash Xpress replenishes each employee workstation with a new trash bag in the individual waste basket

  5. Trash Xpress takes the office trash directly to the buildings on-site dumpster to dispose of correctly


We offer multiple services including:

  • Taking out and replenishing building trash receptacles inside and outside of the building

  • Wiping down and sanitizing employees desks, computers, office equipment and office door handles daily or several times a week as this keeps your office staff from getting each other sick

  • Custom services



From small business solutions to corporate buildings. Reach out to Trash Xpress to discuss your business needs.