City Services

Trash Xpress manages, cleans, repairs, and provides turnkey cleaning and general maintenance services for city parks, transit stations and bus stops in the Orange County CA, San Diego County, Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area , which includes San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Trash Xpress has Operations, Management, Administrative and Executive staff with decades of experience and knowledge in City-related trash-bin cleaning & collection services. Trash Xpress provides collection and replacement of city trash liners and pet waste stations.

Our city services include:


  • Bus Stop Shelters, Kiosks, and Other Transit or Advertising-Related Products on Public and Private Properties

  • Bus Stops and Zones

  • Bus Stop Benches and Amenities

  • Commuter Train Stations and Transit Centers

  • Passenger Facilities, including Bus Terminals and Park-and-Ride Properties

  • Trash-bin cleaning services 

  • Pet waste station cleaning, collection & replenishment services 

Trash Xpress provides clients with monthly work order summaries and up-to-date information whenever requested. Our databases are updated daily with current site information and maintenance service records.

Along with our first class maintenance, repair, and installation services,

Trash Xpress offers support functions that include but are not limited to the following:


  • Site cleaning and general maintenance 

  • Sub-contractor liaison

  • Assembly of new products

  • Installation of new products

  • Complete record-keeping

  • Up-to-date information

  • Maintenance programs consulting

TrashXpress - keeping communities CLEANER & GREENER one city at a time.