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  • Removal of Dog Waste From Backyard, Patio or Balcony.  Placed In Bag and Into City Trash Bin.

  • Trash Bins taken out to curb day before city collection day. Trash Bins pulled back day of trash collection

  • Keeps Yard Clean & Pets Healthy


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Dog Waste Removal & Trash Take Out Service

Dog Waste Removal - Poop Scooping Services in Orange County, California

At Trash Xpress, our professional pet services are great for every household. Our dog waste removal and cleanup service offers you professional uniformed employees that are the best in the industry.  Servicing single family homes with residential yards, Condo and Apartment patio / balcony cleaning including commercial properties, parks, and more. Trash Xpress provides pet-lovers pet services who understand that our four-legged family members need healthy food, regular grooming along with a safe clean and sanitary yard to live in.  Contact Trash Xpress today for professional Pet Services & Trash Valet Services.


Dog Waste Removal

Residential & Apartment

Poop Scooping Service 

Trash Xpress provides Dog Waste Removal Services weekly for residential and apartment homes.



Deck & Patio


Residential & Apartment


Trash Xpress can get rid of pet odors by spraying off your deck or patio using a nearby water hose (supplied by customer) to get rid of pet waste residue.



Farm Fresh

Grass Pads For Dogs

Real Farm Fresh Grass

Pads For Dogs

Trash Xpress offers Real Farm Fresh Pet Grass hand delivered to your outdoor yard or apartment deck or patio. Great for dogs who live in apartments !



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