Frequently asked questions

What Is TrashXpress ?

TrashXpress provides a full service trash valet and pet services to residential homes & multi-family apartment communities. Every member that signs up for TrashXpress will be assigned a Dedicated Service Representative that handles their specific community. TrashXpress provides the manual labor of bringing trash, recycle and compost containers out to the curb for weekly collection by the city waste collection company. After the bins are emptied, our crew returns to your community to pull the bins back to the proper storage location on your property. Our Dedicated Service Representative teams will pull out bins from garages, behind a fence or gate from the side of your home, and anywhere else the bins are stored and bring them out to the curb for collection. WE COME RAIN OR SHINE.

Why Would I Need A Trash Take Out Service ?

Clients join TrashXpress for several reasons: To reduce liability and potential injuries to you or family members, to reduce overfilled garbage cans or recycle containers due to forgetting to take the trash cans out, to avoid having bins outside all day, night or week when busy or on vacation. TrashXpress is a great service for Elderly and Disabled who physically cannot take the trash bins to the curb for pickup, or for anyone who lives the Luxury Lifestyle, Busy Lifestyle, or simply needs the extra help. We are a reliable and professional service that will have your bins out to the curb consistently and safely on a weekly basis and then returned without you having to worry about injuries, timing, missed pick-ups, overflow, messy trash enclosures and any other issues that come up and take up valuable time.

What Is Covered With My TrashXpress Membership ?

TrashXpress monthly service includes pulling your bins and containers out to the curb quietly and safely the day before your city scheduled trash collection day, so they are ready for garbage or recycle collection service the following morning. Once the bins have been emptied, we return them to their original storage location by 7pm. For Multi-Family Apartment communities, TrashXpress Service Representatives help keep the trash bin areas clean and free of excess garbage and debris that didn’t make it into the bins. Your Dedicated Service Representative will pickup, sweep and clean the area your trash bins are stored on your property if necessary and keep it as tidy as possible. This helps with insect and rodent issues at your residence. We also work to redistribute or push down excess garbage as much as possible to help you avoid overflow or overage fees on your garbage bill. If there are any issues with your bins, we will let you know right away along with a recommended solution. We monitor usage levels, overflow, late pick-ups, damaged bins and we make sure to communicate with our clients regarding any issues on their properties as it relates to waste collection. Know When We Arrive: Automatically be notified via Text or Email when a TrashXpress Dedicated Service Rep arrives in your neighborhood. Notifications go out to all active TrashXpress members when we arrive to service your neighborhood.

What Is Your Service Coverage Area ?

TrashXpress is quickly expanding ! We are currently providing service to Residential & Multi-Family properties in Orange County CA, Select Cities in Los Angeles and Inland Empire CA. We are continuously expanding our service coverage area. Call us to find out if we are able to provide service in your area.

When Will My Trash Bins Be Pulled Out ?

Take Out - To streamline our service and make sure that each and every members trash bins are pulled out on time every time, we take out your trash bins the day before your city scheduled collection day. Between the hours of 10 am to 7 pm Monday - Friday. As soon as you sign up for TrashXpress, we contact the local garbage or recycle drivers to determine the approximate pick-up time at your property. We are proud to say that in the hundreds of push/pulls done each day, We have NEVER missed a service. We are continuously optimizing our route schedules to minimize the time that bins are out on the curb. Pull Back - When your city collects your trash our dedicated service representatives will be by that day to pull each and every trash bin back to the storage location on your property. Pull Back Hours vary and are typically completed towards the later part of the day or evening. We do this to streamline service as we do not want to show up before your city has collected your trash. You can expect pull back hours typically between 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm. *** Currently, Our Last Service Call is at 7pm (pst) for Pull Back Service. We are also very mindful of working as quietly as possible so we do not disturb anyone in the community.

What Types of Properties Do You Service ?

We service residential communities, small and large multifamily properties, commercial properties, hotels, apartment communities, medical facilities, gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers and more! Our clients include property managers, HOA boards, small business owners, individual property owners, locally and nationally owned businesses, and non-profits.

Do I Need to Sign a Long-Term Commitment ?

No. We are a monthly recurring service. You do not have to make a long-term commitment and can cancel service at any time.

Are There Limits on Property Size ?

We can scale according to your service needs. For residential properties and communities, we offer a monthly service plan with options for large driveways. We service properties ranging from a few units to properties with 100+ units to local businesses that require multiple bins pulled out every day of the week.

How Do I Sign Up ?

It's Easy ! Simply sign up directly on our website . If necessary we can come to your property for a quick visit to assess the bin location, quantity, size of bins and access to the curb. We can start as soon as your next service day.

Is TrashXpress a Trash Valet Service ?

Yes. The service we provide can be called many different titles based in the industry. We are a full service Trash Valet Service. Curbside Residential Trash Take Out Service. Push / Pull Service, Trashcan Valet, Concierge Trash Service . etc.

Pricing / Intro Offer / Promotional Offers

All service options are billed on a monthly recurring basis until cancelled. Residential Trash Valet Service

  • Full Service with take out the day before collection day, and back in the day of collection which means we come to your residence and provide service two times a week.
  • Take Out Service provides Take Out Only of trash bins to the curb ready for collection.
  • Return Service provides Return Only of trash bins back to the original storage location.
Pet Waste Clean-Up Service
  • Dog Waste Removal & Clean Up Services offered at a discounted rate when signing up for Residential Trash Take Out Service.

Service Hours - Missed Collection Days

Trash Xpress provides Trash Bin Valet services from 8am-8pm (PST) Monday-Friday. Service hours are based off of your local city trash collection schedule.

  • Trash Bin Service Hours (Take Out/Pull Back): Between the hours of 10am - 7pm with last service call being at 7pm.
  • One Time Courtesy Go Back Service: Following missed collection day by the City, by 2pm on business days only.
  • Pet Waste Removal Service: If you added pet service, this will be Provided during trash bin take out service
  • If the City Trash Company has not collected your trash bins by 8pm on the scheduled collection day, we will do our best to locate the city trash collection truck to see if it's nearby.
  • If no city trash collection truck is near your residence during the last service hour, we will notify you via text of missed collection and provide a One Time Courtesy Go Back Service the following day by 2pm, on business days only.
  • If we arrive for the Courtesy Go Back Service and the trash has still not been collected by the city, we will leave the trash bins out on the curb and notify you via text and/or email that the city has missed a pickup. At this time you need to contact your city trash collection company to advise of a missed pickup. Trash Xpress service will resume the following week as scheduled.