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Residential Garbage Collection

Residential Garbage Trash Service - Oran

Trash Xpress is proud to offer residential garbage collection and trash services for select cities in Orange County, CA. 

Currently Trash Xpress offers residential Trash-to-Curb service taking residents trash bins out to the curb for collection and back. Trash-to-Curb service is currently offered for residential communities, condominiums, townhomes, apartments & vacation rental properties.


Our new residential garbage collection and trash service will provide Orange County CA residents a new option for garbage collection. We use well maintained and Non-Diesel pickup trucks, trailers, & medium sized vehicles to collect residential trash minimizing noise pollution as much as possible.  These vehicles are cleaned daily to present the best appearance possible. 

That's right, no more large noise polluting vehicles coming down the street. Just a clean and well maintained fleet vehicle ready to take your garbage away. 

Low Cost Residential Garbage Collection

Trash Xpress uses standard vehicles that decrease fuel consumption it takes to provide residential garbage collection services.  This means we do NOT charge a fuel surcharge like every other garbage collection company in Orange County, CA.


Trash Xpress does not use large garbage compactor vehicles with mechanical arms. 

We have chosen to use more fuel efficient vehicles compared to the large garbage trucks you normally see that are used by other companies like CR&R and Waste Management. This means our employees are hand collecting the trash bags out of the waste bins which means cheaper rates for the customer.

As we are hand collecting the trash bags from the waste bins, we ask that you continue to use trash bags that are sealed and tied off before placing into the waste bins. 

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To ensure your complete satisfaction with our service and to remain one of the best waste management services in the Orange County, CA area Trash Xpress promises:

  • No Contracts

  • Properties will be left neat and tidy after every trash pickup.

  • All employees on every truck are uniformed.

  • All vehicles and workers are bonded and insured.

  • All customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Trash Xpress provides a low cost garbage collection solution for Orange County California residents. If you are looking for low priced garbage collection service in Orange County California, simply contact us today for service. 

Residential Door to Door Trash Service

Trash Xpress offers "Residential Trash Valet" service where our employees will come to your front door, car port, garage door, or any other designated area to collect your garbage bags. 

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