How Residential Trash Bin Pull Out Service Works: 

  1. Trash Take Out Service - A Trash Xpress Uniformed Service Representative will come by your neighborhood the day before your scheduled trash collection day between the hours of 10am and 6pm Sunday - Thursday.  The uniformed service representative will pull your city trash bins out to the curb from your property ready for collection.  

  2. The following day after the city has collected your trash, Trash Xpress will be back in your neighborhood pulling the trash bins back to the original storage area on your property. 


Every city collects trash at different times of the day. Trash Xpress will have your bins pulled back from the curb by 7pm on collection day depending on what time your city trash truck empties your waste bins .  It's Simple & Convenient ! Trash Xpress allows you to have more free time while we focus on keeping your neighborhood clean all within City and HOA guidelines. 


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Trash Take Out Service


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